BINOM® - The warm water storage in the half shell-quick install system

The Binom Insulation is made of high quality rigid PU foam (PURtec AH 21) via electrically heated steel moulds. The outer skin (PURtec Aluminium or PURtec PS) is applied directly to the PU foam or mechanically slipped on. If customers wish, the Binom Insulations can also be deliverd with a flexible jacket (Cellaflex) or without an outer skin.

The insulation lid is foamed together with the half shell. The cut-outs in the Binom Insulation are performed by an NC drill that can be programmed and therefore adapted to the customer's specific needs. 

Perforations, pockets , custom contours … are not an issue for us. 
The fastening of the two half shell elements is carried out via a tongue and groove joint which is lined with a strip of flexible PU acting as a seal. With profiled plastic fastening straps and/or thermoformed lids made of Polystyrene the Binom Insulation is pressed directly onto the Boiler.

Cut outs for plumbing connectios are additionally insulated with flexible PU grommet rings to prevent heat loss. Holes for the plumbing connections are in the individual elements. Installing Binom Insulations on an existing unit is standard. Hot water tanks from 450 mm to 800 mm in width and maximum 2900 mm in height are supported. The Binom Insulation is 100% recyclable.

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