Neodul® plus - the innovative insulation

A clever arrangement of different insulation materials at different points significantly improves the thermal insulation properties. 

The Neodul® plus insulation is provided with cuneiform incisions in order to maintain the flexibility of the insulation. Consequently, the insulation matches the tank optimally allowing excellent heat sealing and energy cost reduction. 

Neodul® plus provides additionally a pressure activated glue, which guarantees an optimal fixation after about 30 seconds. This also provides a one man assembling due to its half shells form.   

The Neodul® plus rigid insulation is said to be fire retardant, having the fire class B1 based on DIN 4102.  

1mm thick outer layer of impact resistant PURtec PS with a textured finish is bonded to the Neopor foam for strength. The lid consists of a fleece layer which is covered by a thermoformed lid. Installing the Neodul insulation on an existing unit is a standard feature. Cut outs for the plumbing connections are possible in the joint face. Neodul insulations are 100% recyclable.

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