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Energy and CO2 savings through thermal insulation

The energy demand of a household has always been increasing. Up to 87% of the energy is required for space heating and hot water.* The increasing awareness of the end customers has a lasting impact on the market. This ensures that the energy efficiency of hot and service water systems is becoming increasingly relevant. Furthermore, the resulting savings potential is extremely important to achieve the global climate goals!


If you are interested in savings potential in heating and hot water systems, our new Energy Efficiency Folder contains a lot of industry-specific know-how about energy consumption.


* Source: BMWi

Quick and easy energy saving

The savings potential of our insulations enables you to set appropriate actions. In fact, our solutions have these advantages for you:

  • You contribute to climate protection.
  • You position yourself as an innovative provider on the market.
  • You offer your customers a significant opportunity to reduce costs.

Furhtermore, hot water storage tanks with "A" class energy efficiency sustainably reduce costs and CO2.


Our new energy efficiency folder contains additional information about potentials for energy saving and much more.


Energy Efficiency Folder

Modul VIP – proven more efficient

Greiner PURTEC offers you a variety of solutions for hot water storage tanks, cold water systems and boilers. These are tailored to your needs. Our high-quality insulation materials and our expertise enable a heat loss reduction of your products by 50%.*


Modul VIP offers you unique energy efficiency properties. For tanks up to 1000 liters, this insulation ensures energy efficiency of class "A". The intelligent combination of different insulation materials, including super-insulating vacuum insulation panels (VIP), make this possible. Our insulation Neodul achieves energy efficiency of class "B".


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* compared to a standard class C insulation