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Greiner PURTEC GmbH

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At the end of the 1850s, Johann Grillmair bought the „Buchleiten“ mill in Rüstorf. In 1884, the mill was transformed into a spinnery. In order to honour the industrialist, the premises was renamed in “Johannisthal”. 

At the beginning of the 1950’s, Erwin Greiner moved to Johannisthal, starting to rebuild the spinnery. In 1967, the spinning and weaving mill “Spinnerei & Weberei Johannisthal Burkhardt & Greiner” merged with “Fa. C.A. Greiner und Söhne, Kremsmünster”. The spinnery stopped and a moulding was built up. 
In 1983, insulations started to be produced in Austria, whereas the production of cushions started in 1986. 

In 1998, the Greiner Group was founded, splitting the company into different divisions. This was the beginning of Greiner PURTEC. 

Until July 2017, the Schwanenstadt location was the headquarters of the Greiner PURTEC Group. In addition to the administration, the sales office was located in Schwanenstadt.


In the Summer of 2017 the sales office moved to Pettenbach.