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In 1924, near the Czech – German border, the company Bernt was founded and started producing forks. In a few years' time, the originally small workshop evolved to a famous factory, which had customers not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Germany and Austria and delivered their products even to countries in South America. After the takeover by the state-owned enterprise Cemolen in the fifties, the production of forks was being stopped. During the following 50 years flax was processed at the location. Employing nearly 150 people, the company was one of the most important employers in the area around Nýrsko. After the revolution in 1989 the orders decreased and after the privatization in 1993 the flax processing had amost completely stopped. 

On the 1st of April 1999, a production plant of Greiner PURtec was founded in Nýrsko. After a hall renovation of about 3,500 m² the complete soft foam production was moved from Schwanenstadt to Nýrsko in 2000. Since completing the last construction site in 2005 passenger seat cushions are also produced in Nýrsko and delivered to the whole world. For the next years a continuous capacity enhancement for both the soft foam and the cushions is planned. Our highly motivated and qualified personnel make it possible to satisfy the highest claims of our customers. 

In 2009 our newest and greatest production facility in Nýrsko was opened. About 10 years after the production plant in Nýrsko was purchased, the Grand Opening of the new production hall took place. 

The capacities have doubled. Besides a space enlargement to 12,500 m² (which equals two and a half soccer fields) the machine capacities were enhanced and optimized to meet the requirements of the market. Especially notable is the new machine kit for fleece insulations.