We deliver solutions

Top quality insulation

All the decisions we make are based on the following four pillars:

Quality Assurance

Quality comes first at Greiner PURtec. Our products are expected to deliver the highest quality. All production sites are ISO 9001 certified.


By using state-of-the-art production technologies and deploying highly skilled staff, we are able to continuously improve the quality of our products and processes.


Greiner PURtec applies a carefully developed quality assurance system to fully meet all customer requirements. Our optimised processes encompass the entire supply chain, starting from careful selection of suppliers through development and product realisation to the controlled sale of our products.  


The products and process are regularly audited by national and international authorities and authorisation bodies.


Each stage of production is constantly and systematically monitored by our staff, to ensure excellent product quality, determine where improvements can be made and optimise this potential. We strive to optimise all processes to the benefit of our customers.


The best quality management system is only as good as the people who apply it.




Sustainability is of central importance in combating climate change. Although awareness of protecting the environment and optimizing the use of resources is growing, especially in industrial countries, global energy consumption continues to rise.


Greiner regards environmental protection, social activity and economic success as important goals. That's why a company-wide sustainability strategy was formulated last year. The focus is on the advantages of plastic: for example, saving CO2 due to the light weight, its thermal and acoustic properties and plastic waste as a valuable resource for the production of new products. The Greiner PURtec products fit ideal to this strategy.


Hot water causes a significant part of the energy use in a household. With our thermal insulation we help to reduce the energy consumption in the preparation of hot water. That is why we always strive to develop more efficient solutions and thus make our contribution to achieve climate goals.


Noise is a source of stress, especially in the workplace, which has a negative impact on health. With our "audiofoam" products we ensure the improvement of room acoustics and thus contribute to a pleasant and healthy working environment.


In addition to sustainability as a focus in the use phase of our products, we also focus on a safe and resource-saving environment during development and production, which is also reflected in the certification according to ISO 14001 (environmental management). It is important to us that our products are produced environmentally friendly and without harmful ingredients.



One key to Greiner’s success has been its relentless focus on innovation. Across all our divisions, new approaches are encouraged and visionary thinking is rewarded. Within our division, together with customers, partners and other Greiner companies, technology days and workshops are regularly being held with the purpose to share information and ideas to develop new potential innovations and to find synergies.


Our technical experts are the engine behind the development of new technologies for the Heating & Hot Water and Room Acoustics business units. This includes the continuous development of a wide range of insulation materials and sound-absorbing materials. In addition, working on new innovations is a key strategic factor for our business success.


Due to the great internal importance of the research and development, Greiner PURtec as a technologically leading company in its sector establishes and consolidates its market presence.




The Greiner compliance system has been in place since 2012 and covers all divisions. Each division has its own compliance officer, and local compliance officers have also been stationed at each of the international sites. Greiner AG is responsible for managing the compliance system, that has been certified by Austrian Standards according to ISO 19600 and ONR 192050.


To form the basis for the compliance system, Greiner established a code of conduct that is intended to guarantee the long-term development of the company moving forward. Rules of conduct were derived from the Greiner philosophy, which focuses on principles such as longevity, trust and responsibility, and set in stone in this code. The code of conduct has been made available to all of our employees, and all of our customers and business partners are able to access it, too.


The code is intended to help ensure the integrity of the conduct of Greiner employees in the long term.


Violations of this code of conduct can be reported at Greiner’s whistle-blowing portal.