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New requirements due to DIN 4753-7

In May the latest version of DIN 4753-7 was published. This standard specifies specific requirements for thermal insulation, corrosion protection and the production of storage water heaters with a volume of up to 2000 liters.


The most important innovation is that the entire system, or at least the outer shell, must guarantee fire protection class B2. Furthermore, DIN 4753-7 explicitly requires a permanent aging resistance as long as the product is used, which we have always been able to guarantee in our products. For our customers, this means that our products still meet the latest requirements of the industry.

In addition to the technical requirements, DIN 4753-7 represents an internationally comparable quality standard. Specifically, the standard specifies the following requirements for thermal insulation:

  • Thermal insulation materials and components must be able to function properly under the influence of heat, cold, humidity and aging
  • Only those insulating materials may be used which do not cause or require corrosion
  • Removable connections of parts which carry water within the thermal insulation must be easily accessible
  • The casing and the support structure must be protected from injury
  • Appropriate installation instructions must be enclosed
  • Technical rules for hazardous substances (TRGS 500) must be considered
  • Chimney effects are to be avoided
  • If the insulation is not tested for the fire class that meets at least B2, the fire protection class for the composite results from the fire protection class of the outer layer. The fire protection class of the outer layer must be at least B2.