Cella® Cool

Amazing properties. Great water vapour diffusion resistance.
Individual solutions. Every product is aligned to a specific tank.
We love our planet, so we set an example. No harmful substances.
Top quality. Stable in endurance and insulation.


Great solution for cooling systems that require the use of thermal insulation. It is made of elastomeric material that can be used for all application in the area of civil and industrial cooling, such as refrigeration, air conditioning, cold water systems including tanks, pipes, etc.


The product is characterized by its simple application and incredibly high water diffusion resistance of the material.

Thermal insulation properties

The thermal conductivity of this elastomeric insulation at desired cooling temperatures is very low. This properties combined with the high diffusion resistance makes the Cella® Cool insulation the prefered product for cold water applications.




GRAPH: Thermal conductivity


Cella® Cool performes greatly at desired low temperatures.




Diffusion resistance


While other materials used for water vapour permeability insulation lead to values from ~200 to ~500, Cella® Cool achieves easily vapour permeability ~10000.



1 2 3 4 5


1 Main insulation block. All the parts are made from the same elastomeric material. The insulation is shaped as flat, flexible plates. Creation of the self-supporting system holding on the boiler is very simple.
2 Self adhesive tape.
3 Self adhesive covering stripes.
4 The top insulation cover.
5 Bottom part insulation.

Sustainability, ecology

During the production of our products we focus on quality and sustainability. Our production is managed by quality standards of ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environment Protection). In the utilization phase our products maintain their properties through out the whole life cycle, especially concerning thermal conductivity, unlike other insulation materials like polyurethane rigid foam.


At Greiner PURTEC, sustainability, environmental friendliness and the highest quality go hand in hand.



Responsibility deserves recognition

Environmentally responsible companies enjoy higher respect of clients, governments and other companies. The Neodul® transportation leads to significantly lower CO2 emissions compared to other insulation concepts, thanks to the low weight and the dimensions. It is easy to be responsible by using our solutions.

Unique approach from the start

HCFC free










silicon and silicates


environment protection


water stress


pH no influence
health influence none
recyclability 100 %


The closed cell structure prevents corrosion because of high water vapour resistance and the creation of completey closed system.

1 smooth surface of homogeneous elastomeric material
2 closed cell structure
3 self-adhesive stripe
4 connection covering (also self-adhesive)

The important facts:


surface smooth elastomer
fastening self-adhesive tape
workers for installation 1
special aids or tools no need
costum adjustments yes
insulation thickness 25 mm
fire class B1
temperature range -200 to +105 °C
diffusion resistance

µ ≥ 10000 


black black
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4

4 easy steps

With this 4 easy steps, 1 worker can install the insulation in just a few minutes:

Prepare all parts, insulate the bottom 1 Prepare all parts, insulate the bottom
Install the main block 2 Install the main block
Insulate the top 3 Insulate the top
Finish the details and use self-adhesive stripes 4 Finish the details and use self-adhesive stripes