Easy to install Good thermal insulation properties, esasy and quick assembly without additional tools.
Individual solutions. Great value of individual developmen with the customer.
We love our planet, so we set an exapmle. Natural material, no harmful substances.
Top quality. Non combustible, fire class A1. Innovative system (patented).


HeaTec® is a smart solution for the insulation of boilers. Until now, the connection of the mineral wool has been created by staples. HeaTec® insulation has mineral wool plates designed to be precisely fitted and connected by means of a plug connection (model puzzle).


Therefore the insulation is self-supporting (without additional material, glue, clamps, etc. to the connection) and no longer has to be attached to the boiler (no adhesive). This considerably reduces the assembly time. The simple handling of the parts also minimizes the subject of dust formation.

Whole body is made from a minimum number of pieces. Very small bodies can be done from just one piece of material. This means way simpler and faster assembly time.


The whole system is self-supporting and is delivering consistent insulating properties along the whole lifespan.

1 Edges are created by bending.
2 Bigger parts and Connections are created by simple plug.
1 2
1 2

Thermal insulation properties

High quality material is used for the insulation. The thermal conductivity depends on the density of the material which can be adapted to individual costumer needs.






GRAPH: Thermal conductivity


The material density has positive impact on absorption coefficient and thus the insulating properties.

1 2 3 4 5


1 Boiler
2 Parts of HeaTec® insulation. Bended and interlocked with puzzle plug. Together creating a self-supporting solution.
3 Door is also filled with HeaTec® insulation.
4 For top layer covers are usually used profiled metal sheets.
5 Profiled metal Sheets or PURTEC cover made of PS.

Sustainability, ecology

The HeaTec® solution is composed of 90 of natural mineral raw materials. As with other Greiner PURTEC solutions, during the production of our products we focus on quality and sustainability. Our production is managed by quality standards of ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental management).



Responsibility deserves recognition

Environmentally responsible companies enjoy higher respect of clients, governments and other companies. Morever, responsibly developed products evince the highest quality and benefits. Therefore for us at Greiner PURTEC, sustainability, environmental friendliness and the highest quality go hand in hand.

Unique approach from the start

FCKW free
HFCKW free
HFKW free
other halogen gases free
HBCD free
unwanted fire inhibiotors free
Silicon and Silicates free
environment protection REACH-Konform
water stress harmless
pH no influence
health influence none
recyclability 50 %


This system´s special feature is the interlocking of the parts, which ensures easy installation. This decisively shortens installation time and - quite incidentally - also lends an attractive appearance to the actually invisible parts.

1 self-supporting mineral wool body
2 glass fiber fabric
3 smart interlocking solution

The important facts:


surface black fabric or insulation

30 - 120 mm

fastening patented lock system
workers for installation 1 - 2
special aids of tool no need
costum adjustments yes


black fabric black fabric
insulation insulation
1 2 3
1 2 3

4 easy steps

With this 4 easy steps, 1 - 2 workers can install the insulation in just a few minutes:

Prepare all parts 1 Prepare all parts
Place and bend the first block 2 Place and bend the first block
Interlock, bend and place all the parts 3 Interlock, bend and place all the parts
Place the Boiler covers, finish the details 4 Place the Boiler covers, finish the details