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Welcome to audiofoam, the system provider for audibly improved room acoustics!

Wherever the material and massing of the architecture pose special acoustic challenges, audiofoam delivers solutions with its well-thought-out, conceptual and practical product range.

Thanks to our decade-long specialization in the field of room acoustics in Europe and our high customer focus, we are your solution-oriented manufacturer for room acoustics systems.


Noise makes us sick! Noise not only causes hearing damage, poor concentration and sleep disorders. It also reduces our ability to work while increasing the aggression potential. In our countries, noise is the most common occupational disease and, next to smoking, poses the second highest risk for heart diseases. The use of our products allows planners and architects, builders and companies to work and retrofit proactively to prevent these negative effects. Our product portfolio offers you innovative solutions for a wide variety of room acoustics challenges.


Room design made easy– with the audiofoam acoustics calculation tool.


  • The wide variety of acoustic absorbers from audiofoam creates pleasant working and living conditions.
  • Acoustic partition walls ensure an optimal (working) atmosphere
  • Excellent room acoustics with décor panels and nonwovens from audiofoam

With lightness and elegance: Wall linings and ceiling sails for improved acoustics

Acoustic absorber

The colorful variety of acoustic absorbers of audiofoam leads to an harmonic working and living environment.

Acoustic picture

Elegant design and improved acoustics combined in one product.

Acoustic partition

Acoustic partitions lead to the best possible (working) atmosphere.

Acoustic decor panel

Perfect room acoustics with decor panels of audiofoam.

Acoustic sails

With ease and elegance: Wall linings and ceiling sails.