VIP plus

Highest energy efficiency. Exceptionally low thermal conductivity with 0.004 W / mK.
Simple application. No adjustment of your production processes needed.
Top quality. Long life and high efficiency.
We love our planet and set a sign. Environmentally friendly and without harmful ingredients.

With VIP plus, we can present an innovative technology to drastically increase the energy efficiency of heating systems, especially hot water storage tanks, with little effort.It is a flexible vacuum insulation panel with exceptionally low thermal conductivity.


This means that small and medium-sized hot water storage tanks, which are foamed directly with PU foam, can be easily upgraded and heat losses can be reduced by up to 50% without significantly changing existing processes.


The super insulating panel consists of a pyrogenic silica core and is encased in a gas and water vapor-tight composite foil. A self-adhesive mounting film allows easy attachment to the tank.

Insulation proberties

VIP plus in combination with a conventional PU foam coating makes up to two energy efficiency classes. This means that when foam reaches class C, class A can be achieved with VIP plus.

Vacuum insulation panels are characterized by their exceptionally low thermal conductivity of <0.004 W / mK, which is 10 (!) times lower than conventional insulation materials. This low thermal conductivity can also be guaranteed over a lifetime of more than 15 years.

Sustainability, ecology

Due to the low thermal conductivity, the use of VIP plus saves energy and thus resources. And this in a previously unrealizable dimension.


The used materials of the panel are completely harmless: silicic acid is simply explained very fine sand, fleece and foil can be completely recycled.


Silica has high thermal stability, is non-flammable and chemically resistant. Microporous silica is free of organic binders, dust-free and physiologically harmless.


The longevity of VIP plus and the low volume (transport, storage) are the "sustainability addition" of this forward-looking technology.

Unique approach from the start

FCKW free
HFCKW free
HFKW free
other halogen gases free
HBCD free
unwanted fire inhibitors free
Isocyanat free
environment protection REACH conformal
water stress harmless
pH no influence
health influence none
recyclability 100 %

In contrast to conventional insulation or thermal insulation systems, we do not set to large wall thickness, but on reduced thermal conductivity. This is achieved by the vacuum technology, in which an extremely low gas pressure is generated and thus almost no heat transport takes place. For this function to last, the core material consists of silicic acid, which absorbs virtually no gas.


Opacifying to minimize infrared radiation and cellulose fibers to improve mechanical stability complete the core. This is wrapped in a special process with a gas and water vapor-tight plastic composite film, evacuated and sealed.

1 Silica core
2 Non-woven coating
3 Gas- and water vapor-tight composite foil
4 PE foam as protection of the panel
5 Self-adhesive film for installation
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5

4 easy steps

With these four simple steps, one to two workers can mount the panels on a tank in just a few minutes.


NOTE: The customer will receive detailed installation with the delivery.

Prepare panel 1 Prepare panel
Remove protection of the adhesive film 2 Remove protection of the adhesive film
Press on panels 3 Press on panels
Foam tank and panels 4 Foam tank and panels